the climate of my thoughts
it’s consumed into a kiss
soft, long, wild, heavenly

my mind invokes you
with all arguments of lust
thirsted as an empty pen

your silhouette is contoured
by my eyes, using their color
costumed in the outfit of love

my breath is modulated with
all whispers of your touches
mysterious felt on my body

you, sculptor of my thoughts,
the climate you… set in me
✓✍🏻 ;₎₎
un p’tit je ne sais quoi © coco

Cigarettes After Sex ♪
Akua Naru ♪ (adult contemporary)

About seven seasons are in you,
and each of them is filled
with feelings and their thrills.
in spring you’re a zephyr…
first glance, first kiss, first ecstasy.
summer is
the burning love of yours.
autumn comes
the bedding gets a fix.
winter when
you’re freezing me with your gaze.
Forgetfulness appears to be
the coldest season felt from you…
and yet, more intimate and
more involved it is the season
when we meet in dainty fancy
of the poetry… — how does it feel…
as you can see, —
you’re unpredictability…

indie author © coco ✍🏻 poetic thoughts ♪🔥

indie author © coco ✍🏻 poetic thoughts ♪🔥